Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Registered Sex Offender Will Live On Spring St.

The Madison Police Department is releasing the following information pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 301.46(2m) which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender's release when; in the discretion of the agency, the release of information will enhance public safety, awareness and protection. The individual who appears on this notification has been convicted of a sex offense. Further, his criminal history places him in a classification level which reflects the potential to re-offend.

Mr. Phillip J. May, age 55, will be living at 1102 Spring St. In 1983, Mr. May was convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault. Mr. May threatened the victim with a weapon. Mr. May's victim was an adult female stranger.

Mr. May is registered with the Sex Offender Registry. Agents of the Wisconsin Division of Community Corrections specializing in intensive supervision will supervise Mr. May. If Mr. May violates any of the rules or conditions of his parole, he will be taken into custody and placed in confinement pending review of possible revocation proceedings. Witnessed violations should be reported to the Madison Police Department.

A community notification meeting concerning Mr. May will be held this Thursday.

Date of Meeting: Thursday May 17, 2012
Time of Meeting: 6:30 PM-7:30 PM
Place of Meeting: Dining Room Area
1102 Spring St

Purpose of Meeting: To Provide Information and Education to nearby residents about a Convicted Sex Offender relocating to their neighborhood in the City of Madison.
WI State Statute 301.45 (Act 440), the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification law, designed to enhance public safety and protection took effect June 1, 1997. A Sex Offender Information Bulletin will be available at the meeting, in the interest of increased community safety. The bulletin may contain information which parents may find unsuitable for sharing with elementary school age children.
The Sex Offender Information Bulletin is not intended to create fear or panic in the neighborhood, but to increase awareness, and to emphasize the need to practice protective behaviors for yourself and your children. The purpose of the community meeting is to provide you with information and education. At the community meeting representatives of the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry and Madison Police Department will: inform you about Act 440; provide information on sex offenders in general; provide information on the subject named in the Bulletin, including some specifics of his pattern of offense; present educational information on how to protect yourself and your children from sex offenders and how to talk to your children about protective behaviors. The meeting will conclude with a question and answer session. Parents are asked not to bring children to this meeting, as some of the information presented is unsuitable for small children.

The purpose of the Bulletin and the Community Meeting is not to harass or further punish the offender, who has served the term of incarceration prescribed by the sentencing judge, or to further traumatize the offender's victims, or to hamper the offender's chances for reintegration into the community. The subject identified in the Sex Offender Information Bulletin has completed his entire sentence and because of the nature of his convictions, he does have a reduced expectation of privacy. He has however, the same civil and constitutional rights as other citizens of Madison. The Madison Community and the Madison Police Department will not tolerate threats, harassment or acts of vigilantism against the offender, his family or his residence.
If you need an interpreter, materials in alternative format or other accommodations to access this service, activity, or program please contact the Madison Police Department at 266-5938. Such requests should be made as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities; but it was not until Act 440 was enacted that permitted law enforcement to share this information with the community. Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders will NOT be tolerated.

Additional Sex Offender Information:
As of the date of this bulletin, there are over 20,200 sex offenders who have registered as required in the State of Wisconsin. There are over 5,000 sex offenders on probation or parole throughout the State. Approximately 700 of these are registered to Dane County addresses, with over half of those registered to addresses within the city limits of Madison. 75% of these offenders are on probation, having served no time in a prison.
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