Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Over 70,000 City of Madison residents have absentee ballot requests on file for the November 3 General Election.  Ballots will be mailed by September 17.

Many City of Madison voters have been contacting the City Clerk’s Office to ask about options for returning their absentee ballots in person.  In response to these questions, the Clerk’s Office is partnering with the City of Madison Parks Division to allow City of Madison voters to return their absentee ballots to poll workers stationed in more than 200 City of Madison parks.

The Democracy in the Park event will be held 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Saturday, September 26 and Saturday, October 3.  In the case of inclement weather, the event will be held Sunday, September 27 and Sunday, October 4 instead.

Poll workers wearing high visibility vests and face masks will be available next to a "Vote" yard sign in 206 city parks to register voters and to accept the delivery of absentee ballots.  The poll workers will be available to serve as a witness, if needed (the voter would need to bring their blank ballot and absentee envelope from home).

Poll workers will practice social distancing and will sanitize materials after each use.  When the event ends at 3:00 PM, an election official courier will bring the ballots back to the Clerk’s Office.  The courier and the poll workers on-site will count the number of absentee ballots being returned to the Clerk’s Office, and will seal them in a delivery package with a tamper evident seal that has a unique serial number.  The number of ballots and the seal number will be documented on a chain-of-custody form that will be signed by the poll workers in the park and by the courier.

Ballots will be taken directly to the City Clerk’s Office where seal numbers and the number of absentee ballots delivered will be verified by Clerk’s Office staff.

Ballot drop boxes are on order.  Locations will be announced once they are installed.

The following parks will be part of Democracy in the Park:

Park                                                             Address                                                      Type
Acewood Park                                         1402 Acewood Blvd                               Neighborhood
Aldo Leopold Park                                  2906 Traceway Dr                                   Neighborhood
Allied Park                                                 2730 Revival Ridge                                 Mini
Arbor Hills Park                                       3109 Pelham Rd                                      Neighborhood
B. B. Clarke Beach Park                        835 Spaight St                                          Mini
Badger Park                                              418 Burdette Ct                                      Mini
Baxter Park                                               777 Englehart Dr                                     Neighborhood
Beld Triangle Park                                  1402 Beld St                                             Mini
Berkley Park                                             1730 Browning Rd                                  Mini
Bernie's Beach Park                               901 Gilson St                                            Mini
Blackhawk Park                                       741 Bear Claw Way                                Neighborhood
Bordner Park                                            5610 Elder Pl                                            Neighborhood
Breese Stevens Field                            917 E Mifflin St                                        Sports Complex
Brentwood Park                                     1402 Mac Pherson St                            Mini
Brigham Park                                           911 Rosedale Ave                                  Mini
Britta Park                                                 4300 Britta Pkwy                                    Mini
Brittingham Park                                    829 W Washington Ave                       Community
Burr Jones Park                                       1820 E Washington Ave                       Neighborhood
Burrows Park                                           25 Burrows Rd                                         Neighborhood
Cardinal Glenn Park                              426 Pine Lawn Pkwy                             Neighborhood
Carpenter-Rideway Park                     1220 Carpenter St                                  Neighborhood
Cherokee Park                                        1000 Burning Wood Way                    Neighborhood
Churchill Heights Park                          4402 DiLoreto Ave                                 Mini
Country Grove Park                               7353 East Pass                                         Community
Cypress Spray Park                                902 Magnolia Ln                                     Special
De Volis Park                                            4300 De Volis Pkwy                               Mini
Demetral Park                                         601 N Sixth St                                           Community
Dominion Park                                        602 Wyalusing Dr                                   Neighborhood
Doncaster Park                                        4335 Doncaster Dr                                 Mini
Door Creek Park                                     7035 Littlemore Dr                                 Community
Droster Park                                             5629 Kalas St                                            Neighborhood
Duane F. Bowman Park                        1775 Fish Hatchery Rd                          Sports Complex
Dudgeon School Park                            3200 Monroe St                                      Mini
Eagle Trace Park                                     10321 White Fox Ln                               Neighborhood
Eastmorland Park                                   99 Silver Rd                                               Neighborhood
Edward Klief Park                                   1200 Milton St                                         Mini
Eken Park                                                  2407 Coolidge St                                     Mini
Elmside Circle Park                                500 Elmside Blvd                                    Mini
Elvehjem Park                                         1202 Painted Post Dr                            Neighborhood
Elver Park                                                  1250 McKenna Blvd                               Community
Emerson East Park                                 1915 E Johnson St                                  Mini
Esther Beach Park                                  2802 Waunona Way                              Mini
Everglade Park                                        406 Eveglade Dr                                      Mini
Felland Park                                             2601 Waterfall Way                               Neighborhood
Filene Park                                                1610 Sherman Ave                                Mini
Fisher Street Park                                   1834 Fisher St                                          Mini
Flad Park                                                    4937 Flad Ave                                          Mini
Flagstone Park                                         8325 Flagstone Dr                                  Neighborhood
Galaxy Park                                               132 Milky Way                                         Mini
Garner Park                                              333 S Rosa Rd                                          Community
Giddings Park                                           429 Castle Pl                                             Mini
Glacier Hill Park                                      1018 Glacier Hill Dr                                Neighborhood
Glen Oak Hills Park                                301 Glen Hwy                                          Neighborhood
Glenwood Children's Park                  602 Glenway St                                       Mini
Goodman Park                                        1402 Wingra Creek Pkwy                    Community
Greenside Park                                       29 Greenside Cir                                     Mini
Greentree-Chapel Hills Park               6649 Schroeder Rd                                Neighborhood
Haen Family Park                                   7702 Tree Ln                                             Neighborhood
Hammersley Park                                   6114 Hammersley Rd                            Mini
Hampton Court Park                             413 Park Way                                           Mini
Hawthorne Park                                     220 Division St                                         Mini
Heritage Heights Park                           701 Meadowlark Dr                               Neighborhood
Hiawatha Circle Park                             99 Hiawatha Cir                                       Mini
Hiestand Park                                          4302 Milwaukee St                                Community
High Crossing Park                                 5501 Burke Rd                                         Neighborhood
High Point Park                                       7499 Watts Rd                                         Neighborhood
Highland Manor Park                            10 Manor Dr                                             Neighborhood
Hill Creek Park                                         9818 Hill Creek Dr                                  Community
Hillington Green Park                           435 Hillington Way                                Mini
Hillpoint Park                                           8213 Watts Rd                                         Mini
Honeysuckle Park                                  280 N Thompson Dr                              Mini
Hoyt Park                                                  3902 Regent St                                        Community
Hudson Park                                             2919 Lakeland Ave                                Mini
Huegel Park                                              5902 Williamsburg Way                       Neighborhood
Hughes Park                                             837 Hughes Pl                                          Mini
Ice Age Ridge Park                                 3502 Ice Age Dr                                       Mini
Indian Hills Park                                      5001 Flambeau Rd                                 Mini
James Madison Park                             614 E Gorham St                                     Community
Junction Ridge Park                               8502 Elderberry Rd                                Neighborhood
Kennedy Park                                          5202 Retana Dr                                        Community
Kerr-McGee Triangle Park                  728 Jenifer St                                           Mini
Kestrel Park                                              9702 Grey Kestrel Dr                             Mini
Kingston-Onyx Park                              334 Garnet Ln                                          Neighborhood
Kingswood Park                                      17 Kingswood Cir                                    Neighborhood
Lake Edge Park                                        511 Park Ct                                                Neighborhood
Lake View Heights Park                        1621 Sunfield St                                      Mini
Lakeland-Schiller Triangle Park         651 Schiller Ct                                          Mini
Law Park                                                    410 S Blair St                                            Community
Lerdahl Park                                             3514 Little Fleur Ln                                Mini
Linden Grove Park                                 1617 Wheeler Rd                                    Mini
Lost Creek Park                                       4417 Hey Jude Ln                                   Mini
Lucia Crest Park                                      514 N Owen Dr                                        Neighborhood
Lucy Lincoln Hiestand Park                 1506 Prairie Rd                                        Neighborhood
Manchester Park                                    3238 Manchester Rd                             Neighborhood
Mandan Circle Park                               4015 Mandan Cir                                    Mini
Maple Prairie Park                                 3117 Prairie Rd                                        Neighborhood
Marlborough Park                                  2222 Whenona Dr                                  Community
Marshall Park                                           2101 Allen Blvd                                       Community
Mayfair Park                                            1102 Mendota St                                    Mini
McClellan Park                                        701 McClellan Dr                                    Neighborhood
McCormick Park                                     702 McCormick Ave                              Mini
McFarland Park                                       5305 Brandenburg Way                       Mini
McGinnis Park                                         9 Crystal Ln                                               Neighborhood
McPike Park                                             202 S Ingersoll St                                    Community
Meadow Ridge Park                              4002 Meadow Valley Dr                       Neighborhood
Meadowood Park                                  5800 Thrush Ln                                        Mini
Merrill Springs Park                               5102 Spring Ct                                         Mini
Midland Park                                           1005 Midland St                                      Mini
Midtown Commons Park                    1310 Waldorf Blvd                                 Neighborhood
Mohican Pass Triangle Park                1001 Mohican Pass                                Mini
Monona Park                                           4601 Kay St                                               Neighborhood
Morrison Park                                          1451 Morrison St                                    Mini
Nakoma Park                                           3801 Cherokee Dr                                  Neighborhood
Nautilus Point Park                                321 Nautilus Dr                                        Mini
Newbery Park                                         7834 Lois Lowry Ln                                 Mini
Newville (Kenneth) Park                     1867 Beld St                                             Mini
Norman Clayton Park                           6401 Shoreham Dr                                 Mini
North Star Park                                       502 N Star Dr                                            Community
Northeast Park                                        5501 Tancho Dr                                       Community
Northland Manor Park                         902 Northland Dr                                    Neighborhood
O.B. Sherry Park                                     22 Leon St                                                 Neighborhood
Oak Park Heights Park                          641 Hilltop Dr                                           Mini
Ocean Road Park                                    910 Ocean Rd                                           Mini
Odana Hills East Park                            4627 Odana Rd                                        Mini
Odana School Park                                 678 Segoe Rd                                           Neighborhood
Olbrich Park                                             3527 Atwood Ave                                  Community
Old Middleton Road Park                    639 Bordner Dr                                        Mini
Olin Park                                                    1156 Olin-Turville Ct                              Community
Olive Jones Park (Randall School)    1810 Regent St                                        Mini
Ontario Park                                             720 Ontario St                                         Mini
Orchard Ridge Park                               5214 Whitcomb Dr                                 Mini
Orchard Ridge Valley Park                  961 Gilbert Rd                                          Neighborhood
Orlando Bell Park                                   2274 S Thompson Dr                             Neighborhood
Orton Park                                                1103 Spaight St                                       Mini
Owl Creek Park                                       23 Horned Owl Ct                                   Mini
Patriot Park                                              5333 Congress Ave                                Neighborhood
Paunack (A.O.) Park                              6399 Bridge Rd                                        Neighborhood
Peace (Elizabeth Link) Park                 452 State St                                              Mini
Penn Park                                                  2101 Fisher St                                          Neighborhood
Pilgrim Park                                              2034 Westbrook Ln                               Neighborhood
Portland Park                                           4210 Portland Pkwy                              Mini
Proudfit Park                                            101 Proudfit St                                        Mini
Quaker Park                                             4321 Buckeye Rd                                    Mini
Quann Park                                               1802 Quann-Olin Pkwy                        Community
Quarry Cove Park                                   3333 Bradbury Ct                                   Mini
Raemisch Homestead Park                 6909 Chelsea St                                       Mini
Raymond Ridge Park                             2138 Muir Field Rd                                 Neighborhood
Reger (George) Park                             201 Oak St                                                 Mini
Reindahl (Amund) Park                       1818 Portage Rd                                     Community
Rennebohm Park                                   115 N Eau Claire Ave                             Community
Reservoir Park                                         126 Glenway St                                       Mini
Reston Heights Park                              217 Summertown Dr                            Neighborhood
Reynolds Park                                          810 E Mifflin St                                        Mini
Richmond Hill Park                                6117 Cottontail Trl                                 Neighborhood
Rimrock Park                                            2906 Rockwood Dr                                 Mini
Rutic Park                                                  38 Rustic Pkwy                                        Neighborhood
Sandburg Park                                         2818 Independence Ln                        Neighborhood
Sandstone Park                                       3937 Manchester Rd                             Neighborhood
Sauk Creek Park                                      402 N High Point Rd                              Neighborhood
Sauk Heights Park                                  525 Bear Claw Way                                Neighborhood
Secret Places Park                                  6001 Sledding Pkwy                              Neighborhood
Segoe Park                                                502 S Segoe Rd                                        Mini
Sheridan Triangle Park                         1301 Farragut St                                     Mini
Sherman Village Park                            1226 Delaware Blvd                               Mini
Sherwood Forest Park                          1038 Friar Ln                                            Mini
Skyview Park                                            1419 E Skyline Dr                                    Mini
Slater (William) Park                             561 S Segoe Rd                                        Mini
Spring Harbor Beach Park                   1918 Norman Way                                 Mini
Spring Harbor Park                                5218 Lake Mendota Dr                         Neighborhood
Stevens Street Park                               2710 Stevens St                                      Mini
Sugar Maple Park                                   252 Sugar Maple Ln                               Mini
Sunridge Park                                          5901 Piping Rock Rd                              Mini
Sunset Park                                              300 E Sunset Ct                                       Mini
Swallowtail Park                                     901 Swallowtail Dr                                 Mini
Sycamore Park                                        830 Jana Ln                                               Community
Tenney Park                                             1414 E Johnson St                                  Community
Thousand Oaks Park                              9725 Sunny Spring Dr                            Neighborhood
Thut Park                                                   2630 Nana Ln                                           Neighborhood
Town Center Park                                  6301 Town Center Dr                            Mini
Valley Ridge Park                                    1281 Meadow Sweet Dr                      Neighborhood
Veterans Memorial Park                     4601 Star Spangled Trl                          Neighborhood
Vilas (Henry) Park                                  1602 Vilas Park Dr                                  Community
Village Park                                               6606 Village Park Dr                              Mini
Waldorf Park                                            1736 Waldorf Blvd                                 Mini
Walnut Grove Park                                202 N Westfield Rd                                Community
Waltham Park                                          2617 Waltham Rd                                   Neighborhood
Warner Park                                             2930 N Sherman Ave                            Community
Washington Manor Park                     801 N Oak St                                             Mini
Waunona Park                                         5323 Raywood Rd                                  Neighborhood
Westchester Gardens Park                3330 Basil Dr                                            Neighborhood
Western Hills Park                                 2401 S Whitney Way                             Mini
Westhaven Trails Park                          3020 Cimarron Trl                                   Neighborhood
Westmorland Park                                 4114 Tokay Blvd                                      Neighborhood
Westport Meadows Park                    4338 Bielfuss Dr                                      Mini
Wexford Park                                          1201 N Westfield Rd                             Community
Wheeler Heights Park                           4410 Northview Dr                                Mini
Whitetail Ridge Park                             1818 Anhalt Dr                                        Neighborhood
Windom Way Park                                 1920 Windom Way                                Mini
Wingra Park & Boat Livery                  824 Knickerbocker St                            Neighborhood
Wirth Court Park                                    2801 Saint Paul Ave                               Mini
Woodland Hills Park                              834 Pebble Beach Dr                             Neighborhood
Worthington Park                                  3102 Worthington Ave                        Neighborhood
Yahara Hills Park (South)                     Siggelkow Rd                                            Community
Yahara Hills Park (West)                      3901 Savannah Rd                                  Community
Yahara Place Park                                   2025 Yahara Pl                                         Neighborhood
Zoo Park                                                    950 Pontiac Trl                                         Mini


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