Final Spring 2023 set-out for some neighborhoods is Sunday, May 7

The Streets Division is wrapping up the spring yard waste collection.

For certain neighborhoods, the final set out for spring yard waste collection is this coming up Sunday, May 7, 2023.

Do not miss out on your second and final collection opportunity.

How Not to Miss Your Last Spring Yard Waste Collection
In order to avoid missing your final yard waste collection this spring, you need to be sure your yard waste it out for collection on the right date.

Get the date when you should set out yard waste by visiting the Streets Division’s website

Next, enter your address into the form.

You will then see your date of when yard waste should be set out for collection.

Setting Yard Waste Out for Collection
When setting out yard waste for pickup, do not set it into the street directly.

Place it on the terrace or road edge.

Yard waste can be piled loose, placed under a tarp, or placed into a bag. If you use bags, make sure they are open at the top so crews can see what is inside. And if you bag yard waste, paper lawn and leaf bags are preferred.

Additional details about how to set out yard waste can be found at and in our how-to video.

Why is the set-out dates Sunday? Are crews picking up on Sunday?
You should place your yard waste out for pickup on the date shown.

Collection crews will be through your neighborhood sometime during the work week following that set-out Sunday listed on the website.

Crews could be in your neighborhood as early as 6:30am on the Monday following your set-out Sunday, so it is best practice to set your yard waste out on the date shown so you won’t miss your collection opportunity.

Drop-off Site Information
In 2023, all of the Streets Division drop-off sites will accept yard waste.

The hours and locations of the sites are different than in years past, so you should check our drop-off site webpage to be sure the site you wish to visit is open before you load your car.

The drop-off site website is

Home Composting
If you have the space in your yard, consider composting your yard waste instead of taking it to a drop-off site or using curbside pickup. It’s a relatively easy thing to do right as well.

On the Streets Division’s website, we have a round-up of some of home composting guides. Paper copies of the City’s simple home composting guide can be picked up at your local Madison Public Library or mailed to you directly after contacting the Streets Division.

Additional Information
More information about yard waste can be found at, and additional details about all the services provided by the Streets Division can be found at