Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

MPD goes door-to-door talking with students

The Madison Police Department welcomes all new and returning students to the greater downtown area, and with your arrival we would urge you to review some important burglary prevention tips:

  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Make it look like someone is home when you are out by leaving music, or television and lights on.
  • Close bedroom drapes or blinds.
  • Write down serial numbers for all electronics, and take photographs, in case items are stolen.
  • Don't advertise assets. Hide laptop computers and other small electronics when you are not using them.
  • Call 911 to report suspicious activity.
  • It you are a victim of theft or burglary, report it.

Members of the MPD’s Burglary Crimes Unit and the Central District Community Police Team are currently taking these tips door-to-door in Isthmus areas where MPD crime analysts have found the greatest number of past burglaries to have taken place over the past year.