Election to choose the names ended in July 2022

Finally, the Streets Division will be revealing the names of the trash and recycling electric compactors used at the drop-off site located at 4602 Sycamore Avenue.

Earlier this year, a ranked-choice style election was held to choose the names from a list of finalists.

Over 2,200 votes were received during the election and two names received the highest number of total points were selected.

On October 21, 2022 the names of the compactors will be revealed along with the breakdown of the voting totals.

How was the election run?
Prior to the election, residents submitted their ideas for the compactor names. Over 500 unique suggestions were received. This list of names was whittled down to 10 finalists for trash compactor and 10 finalists for the recycling compactor.

Voters had from June 22, 2022 until July 5, 2022 to submit their online ballots from the finalists.

In the election, they selected their top five choices for each compactor.

A name picked as a voter’s first choice was awarded five points. Their second choice was awarded four points. Their third choice was awarded three points. The fourth choice was given two points and one point was awarded for their fifth choice.

The names with the most overall points at the end of the election were selected to be the winner.

The finalist names for the trash compactor vote were:

  • Alexander Cramilton
  • Bill S. PressTrash, Esquire
  • Compressor X
  • Crush Farley
  • Debris Larson
  • General George S. Flatten
  • Harry Squasher
  • Oscar
  • Rosie the Rubbisher
  • Smashley Simpson
  • Squarin' Rodgers
  • Squashbob Trashpants
  • The Crusher
  • TrashKhaaaaaan!
  • Trashy McTrashface

The finalist names for the recycling compactor vote were:

  • (Shut Up, Wesley!) Crusher
  • CompacTed Theodore Logan
  • Compatrick
  • Compressica Simpson
  • Crushin' Bob Laflatten
  • Flatten Oswalt
  • George Squashington
  • Lin Manuel Squaranda
  • Princess Press
  • Pulverine
  • Recycly Recyclerson
  • Ron Squeezely
  • Sir Crushalot
  • Stone Cold Squeeze Often
  • The Comingler

Why was there such a delay between the election and the name reveal?
The design of the name decals and scheduling their eventual application took time.

After seeing the wonderful artwork that was created, the wait was worth it, and the Streets Division is excited to unveil the names to the world.

Additional Information
More information about the drop-off sites and the electric compactors can be found at www.cityofmadison.com/DropOffSites.

Information about all of the Streets Division services can be found at www.cityofmadison.com/Streets.