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The course by Sustain Dane and the City of Madison begins April 7, 2022

Recyclables collected by the City of Madison Streets Division has too much trash in it. Approximately 13% of all the material collected from the green carts is actually trash that should not be there. By the end of 2021, we had over 2,000 tons of trash in our recyclables.

We can certainly recycle better. And you can help.

In your own cart, be sure you are recycling right by following the Streets Division guidelines that you can find online at, in our Recyclopedia, our flyers, and maybe even on your refrigerator or the lid of your recycling cart.

You can also ask a certified Master Recycler, and become one yourself to help your friends and neighbors.

How to Become a Master Recycler
Sustain Dane, in partnership with the City of Madison, is once again offering an opportunity to become a Master Recycler.

The first session is the evening of April 7, 2022. Enrollment is now open.

The course will teach you about how to recycle the right way in your home, and also provide you with the tools so you can share your knowledge with your friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers, fellow congregants, and others in your life so they will know how to recycle right, too.

About the Master Recycler Course
The course received a Wisconsin Recycling Excellence Award by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in 2021 and was also recently recognized by the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin for an Outstanding Achievement in Recycling Education.

Last year, over 500 people attended the Master Recycler course. And the outreach projects they completed reached over 44,000 residents of Dane County. The projects ranged from newsletters to neighborhood social media posts to presentations to a video a grandmother made with her grandchildren and shared with her family and friends.

The Master Recycler course is two sessions of 90 minutes apiece. People enrolled should attend both sessions. The classes will be held online via Zoom. Sustain Dane also charges a small tuition of $15 for the course with scholarships available.

Last year the spots filled up fast. Be sure to sign up today.

There is only one offering of the Master Recycler course this year, so you won’t want to miss out.

Additional Information
For more information about the City of Madison Streets Division’s recycling program, please visit

For more information about Sustain Dane and all of the classes and services they provide (including the Master Recycler class), visit