Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

City of Madison Weights and Measurement staff have determined that all gasoline pumps in the City are in full compliance with a new City ordinance requiring unique locking devices on gas pumps to protect consumers.

The Madison Common Council recently passed an ordinance requiring the unique locking devices after Weights and Measurement staff located several skimming devices within gas pumps that allowed access to unknowing patron’s credit card information.

Since the ordinance went into effect on January 1, 2017, City staff has been inspecting all pumps at gas stations throughout the city. Recent determination has been made that all pumps are now equipped with unique locking devices and that during the inspections, no additional skimmers were detected.

"Those placing skimming devices on Madison pumps were victimizing unsuspecting drivers, many of whom did not know their credit cards and debit cards had been comprised until billing statements arrived," said Police Chief Mike Koval. "The MPD is indebted to the employees of Weights and Measures for their perseverance in protecting the public by checking pumps for skimming devices, and to Ald. Mike Verveer for sponsoring an ordinance requiring new pump locks be installed so criminals can be prevented from hijacking citizens’ financial information."

City staff recommends that consumers remain vigilant when processing financial transactions with a credit card. A brief visual inspection for loose, discolored, or unusual pieces in areas used to process transactions may be an indication of the presence of a skimming device. If you suspect the presence of a skimming device, suspend your payment activity immediately, notify the site operator, and Madison Police via the non-emergency line at (608)266-4275.


  • Kyle Bunnow, 608-266-4551