Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Some Tips From The MPD

Personal safety and property security are important everyday.
However, in the upcoming season of shopping, travel and celebrations, it is especially important that we are mindful of crime and crime prevention.

•Keep your doors and windows locked at all times
•Do not advertise your absence from home: stop your mail and your paper and keep holiday gifts out of sight, keep a radio or TV on, have your snow removed, have a trusted person check your home
•Have an inventory of your property to include serial numbers and 800 numbers to your bank or credit card companies
•Test your smoke detectors, if you have a fresh cut tree be sure that it is well watered and use UL approved lights for decorations
•If you have boxes from TV, stereo or other electronics, break them down so as to avoid advertising new acquisitions

•Shop during daylight hours, go with a friend and be alert
•Park as close to a light source as possible and lock your vehicle doors
•Place packages in the trunk
•Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and limit the number of credit cards or checks you carry as well
•Leave your purse at home and do not carry your wallet in your back pocket. Both can be taken from you. Cash, credit cards, photo identification and checks should be kept in an inside or front pocket. Keep your receipts with you, rather than in a merchant bag
•Carry only your car key and keep it in a front or inside pocket
•Do not carry a purse or bag with the strap across your body. If someone tries to take the bag from you, you will be pulled down
•Teach your children how and whom to ask for help

•Avoid alcohol if driving or choose to ride with a designated driver
•Provide non-alcoholic drinks for guests
•Hold a drink with your hand cupped over it and order a fresh drink if you have set the drink down

•Mind your manners, plan ahead, drive defensively, maintain your vehicle, know the weather conditions and wear your seatbelt
.If you are involved in a crash, try to move your vehicle to a safe location away from traffic. Many times secondary crashes occur as other drivers "rubber neck" and lose concentration.


  • Joel DeSpain, 266-4897
  • MaryAnne Thurber, 266-4238