Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The Streets Division will place a limited amount of mulch in six City of Madison parks for residents to use.

Mulch will be piled at the below locations by 3:00pm on April 24. Check the website for mulch in the parks to learn when the sites were last filled.

The brush processing facility at 121 E. Olin Ave. remains closed to the public to obtain mulch or dispose brush.

Mulch availability at the parks locations is not guaranteed as supply is limited.  Streets Division staff will restock the sites as material is available for distribution.  The ability to produce mulch has been hampered also due to equipment breakdowns and complications in arranging repairs due to the ongoing pandemic.

Mulch in the parks is a temporary arrangement between the Streets Division and the Parks Division while the brush processing center at 121 E. Olin Ave is closed.  The “mulch in the parks” program is expected last until approximately June 21, 2020.

Check the Website before Heading to Mulch Site
Residents are encouraged to check the Streets Division’s mulch website before going to a site to see when the site was last filled.

Mulch is not guaranteed to be present at these locations as demand is expected to be high.

The volume of mulch available to be placed into the parks will vary depending on many factors. Sites are not guaranteed to be immediately restocked once the site is empty.

As the sites are re-filled, the website dedicated to mulch in the parks will be updated.

Maintain Social Distance
Residents must adhere to social distancing guidelines when at the sites. This is for your health, as well as the health of all Madisonians. 

Site Restrictions
The mulch is intended for Madison residents only.

No bobcats or other machinery can be used when loading.

Residents will need their own shovel and container to carry the mulch.

Mulch Site Locations
The following locations will be used for mulch for residents:

  • Elver Park
    • Southeast corner in second parking lot near the pond
  • Garner Park
    • Southwest corner
  • Olin Park
    • Southeast corner by the woods
  • Olbrich Park
    •  On the lake side near tennis courts
  • Warner Park
    • Southwest corner of parking lots off N. Sherman near ball fields
  • Sycamore Park
    • Southwest corner of lot
    • This is not the mulch at the Sycamore drop-off sites.

Contact Information
Additional information about all Streets Division services can be found at