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Blue Net Task Force Update

Madison has seen a dramatic drop in commercial burglaries, and the leader of Blue Net Burglary Task Force vows to keep the heat up on lawbreakers in coming months.

This afternoon, Madison Police Department (MPD) Lt. Mark Brown released burglary statistics for the first two months of 2009. In the commercial burglary category there were - two. In the residential burglary category there were 55.

To give citizens some perspective on these numbers consider this: There were 170 commercial burglaries for the months of January and February 2006; the count was 32 for the same months in 2007, and last year Madison saw 38 during the first two months of 2008.

Residential burglaries are also down, although not as precipitously: There were 199 in the first two months of 2006, 126 in 2007, 86 in 2008, and - as previously stated - 55 were recorded during January and February of this year.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray notes the downward shift can be directly tied to a focused, and collaborative effort by many Dane County law enforcement agencies, all of which are partners in Blue Net. It was formed last year - March 2008 - by the MPD in direct response to rising burglary numbers.

Since Blue Net's formation, 74 adults and 31 juveniles have been arrested for burglary within the City of Madison (36 of 74 adults were repeat offenders, same could be said for 14 of 31 juveniles).

Lt. Brown says the Blue Net will continue to sharpen crime-fighting tools that have proven successful thus far:

• Crime analysts track trends, showing when and where criminals are striking.
• Law enforcement Task Force members share detailed information.
• Patrol tactics are fluid, and can be redirected based on the crime analysis, and shared information.

In addition, Lt. Brown says Blue Net will be working on new ways to stop businesses from buying stolen goods.

"By further developing these tools in 2009, the Blue Net expects to see a more dramatic downward shift in the number of burglaries, and an upward shift in burglary arrests," stated Lt. Brown.

He also indicated internal analyses shows many arrested criminals are gang affiliated, and have violent criminal histories - including drug convictions, armed robberies, and batteries.


  • Lt. Mark Brown, 26-4482
  • Joel DeSpain, 266-4897