Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

3rd Quarter UCR Data Released

Madison crime numbers for the first three-quarters of 2009 are down, when compared to the first three-quarters of 2008; however, the month of September showed an up-tick in robberies.

The Madison Police Department (MPD) released Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data that showed overall declines in all violent crime categories (numbers are for January through September):

• Murder: 8 in 2008, 1 in 2009
• Forcible Rape: 41 in 2008, 23 in 2009
• Aggravated Assault: 373 in 2008, 342 in 2009
• Robbery: 277 in 2008, 270 in 2009

Other crime categories, with the exception of Theft, were also down:

• Burglaries: 1660 in 2008, 1051 in 2009
• Stolen Autos/Trucks/Motorcycles: 416 in 2008, 265 in 2009
• Theft: 4316 in 2008, 4425 in 2009
• Simple Assault: 1045 in 2008, 1013 in 2009

Chief Noble Wray would like to, once again, caution reading too much into this "snapshot" of Madison crime, explaining that UCR data provides for a much better barometer on the community when analyzed over a much longer period of time. Still, the favorable data does show work being done by the MPD, in partnership with the Madison community, is having some positive results.

However, as mentioned earlier, the city did see more robberies (45) in September 2009 than in any other month in the past two years. Other months in 2008, and in 2009 had robbery counts from as low as 21 to as high as 38. Investigations have revealed that a good number of recent robberies can be connected to suspects with heroin addictions. The MPD has been very active working with neighboring jurisdictions in attempting to identify and arrest suspects. One of those involved was the suspect who was shot in the recent officer-involved shooting. Another suspect was arrested on the same day as that incident. More investigations are ongoing.

The MPD has also dedicated extra resources toward resolving recent strong-armed robberies, which have also added to the overall robbery count.


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