"It’s an emotional day for many in the Madison community and across the country. We know people are experiencing deep feelings, on every side, related to the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion rights.

We understand because the Madison Police Department is full of people from different backgrounds with different life views.

Our commissioned officers are sworn to enforce laws, laws that we do not make, despite whatever our personal opinions might be. However, the criminal enforcement, arrest and investigation of abortions is the lowest priority for the Madison Police Department.

We are officers, not medical providers. We are not able to predict or know what type of service someone is receiving or providing when visiting a clinic. Nor would we ever arrest someone on this type of assumption.

Reducing gun violence, preventing car thefts and reducing traffic accidents have and will continue to be a top priority for our department. Like our partners at the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, our resources will remain focused on making Madison and Dane County the safest place to live.

We encourage and support people being able to speak freely and openly about their beliefs. We simply ask you to keep these demonstrations peaceful. Violence and hate will never be tolerated in Madison.

We are working with other law enforcement agencies in the area and are committed to keeping you and yours safe as we navigate the waves of this decision together."

-Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes


Health & Safety