Wednesday, July 3, 2019 - 2:01pm

I am deeply grateful for Governor Evers’ efforts to secure a budget that is responsive to the needs of Madison residents and communities, urban and rural, across the state. 

His thoughtful use of his veto authority affords the City of Madison significant gains, including more resources to support Madison’s continued growth and well-being, especially related to increased transportation aid, protection of crucial programs like FoodShare, which benefit our most vulnerable children and families, and maintenance of local control for regulation of quarries, thereby protecting the quality of life for area residents. 

Further, we applaud his continued efforts to support foundational needs for thriving communities, such as the increase in educational funding, the doubling of state support for school mental health, and other programs which aim to redress the insufficient support that education has seen in the recent past. We are also pleased with the programs that address fairness in the criminal justice system and advance healthy communities and clean water, specifically efforts to prioritize contaminants such as PFAS and lead. 

We applaud the efforts of our local delegation as well as those across the state who recognize that our city, our county, and our state work better together. This budget is the first step in the right direction, made possible by the people of Wisconsin making their voices heard.


  • Mary Bottari, 608-266-4611
Mayor's Office