Today the Wisconsin Supreme Court put themselves firmly on the side of those who continue to peddle lies about the 2020 election and try to erect obstacles to voting wherever possible. Voting is central to our democracy and we need to promote secure practices that allow eligible citizens to vote. Using a secure drop box, or asking a family member to mail or drop off a ballot, has no effect at all on the validity or security of the ballot.

The Supreme Court has disregarded the reality of elections in a pandemic and the unprecedented popularity of absentee voting as a way to keep people safe and healthy. This demand required local clerks to provide options for safely returning ballots, including secure drop boxes – a solution that has been used successfully in Wisconsin and across the country for years. The Court also declined to specifically endorse decades of actual voting practice in the state, where family members have been able to support those with disabilities in returning their ballots. This decision is an unfortunate step backwards in our efforts to make it easy, safe and secure for every eligible voter to cast their ballot.

It is disappointing and dangerous that the state’s highest court is seemingly focused on making it as difficult as possible to participate in our democracy, rather than allowing election officials to focus on meeting voters’ needs in a safe and secure way.


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