At best, this amendment creates significant confusion and uncertainty about how to move forward. At worst, it could delay the project indefinitely and potentially risk it altogether.

The amendment gives conflicting direction to staff from the Council who have twice already approved the routing after extensive community-wide engagement. The Council will already have an opportunity to approve the final design of the BRT system next spring.

It conflates the BRT project and the Metro Redesign, which are two separate (related) projects. The Network Redesign will also come to Council for approval before being implemented.

Everyone on the Common Council says they support BRT, but this looks like a clumsy attempt to halt the project, negatively impacting not only the most marginalized in our community who rely on bus service but also the many visitors, shoppers, and commuters who want to access the City through rapid, sustainable and convenient public transit.

I hope this amendment doesn’t destroy what we’ve worked so long, and with so many across our community, to create.

Now is not the time to second guess this project, now is the time to deliver Madison a superior public transit service that will get people to work, school, entertainment and shopping options faster, more conveniently and in a more environmentally friendly way than ever.