Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 4:20pm

Council's Resolution to Be Introduced at July 24 Council Meeting

Members of the Dane County Board and Madison City Council are pleased to announce they have reached agreement on the funding and cost-sharing for upcoming road construction projects on Buckeye Road (County Hwy AB) and Cottage Grove Road (County Hwy BB).

This compromise does not include a jurisdictional transfer as part of these projects, instead, focusing on shared snow plowing and maintenance services. As such, this deal resolves the Mayor’s key objection.

Madison Alders David Ahrens, Mark Clear, and Amanda Hall and Dane County Supervisors, Tanya Buckingham, Kelly Danner, Jamie Kuhn, and Jeff Pertl are submitting to their respective bodies a compromise proposal providing the following:

  • The project portions of both Buckeye and Cottage Grove Roads will remain under the jurisdiction of Dane County.
  • After completion of reconstruction, the City of Madison will be responsible for routine maintenance of both roadways, including snow and ice control as well as pavement patching.

This compromise allows these essential projects to move forward, while sharing the financial responsibility for their construction and maintenance, and planning for future reconstruction projects. These actions address the current impasse and lay the groundwork for preventing future conflicts. Most importantly, we are pleased to have reached this agreement to move these projects forward for our community.

The City of Madison and Dane County wish to reconstruct Buckeye Road/CTH AB from Monona Drive to Stoughton Road in 2019 and Cottage Grove Road/CTH BB from North Star Drive to Sprecher Road in 2020.

$920,000 in federal funding has been secured for the Buckeye/AB project through the Madison Area Transportation Planning Board (MATPB), requiring a local match of $2.62 million and, $3.45 million in federal funding has been secured for the Cottage Grove/BB project through the MATPB, requiring a local match of $2.3 million.

The City of Madison and Dane County have spent years planning the projects and committed over $2 million for planning, design, and property acquisition for the projects. Given the time,resource investment, and dire need for reconstruction on these critical roads, it would be imprudent to abandon the projects at this time.

Federal funding cannot be utilized without a cost-sharing agreement between the City and Dane County to fund the local share, and without such agreement, the federal funding will be diverted to other projects or lost.