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Despite the coming extreme cold weather, Metro Transit expects to operate its regularly scheduled weekday service at the beginning of the day on Monday, January 6.

Regular maintenance inspections are performed on Metro’s entire bus fleet throughout the year. As part of these inspections, preparations for cold weather are made each fall so that the fleet is fully ready when extreme winter weather finally hits.
According to Metro Transit Maintenance Manager Jeff Butler, “All of our vehicles are designed for this type of weather and stored indoors overnight. We don’t expect anything out of the ordinary on Monday.  If we were to experience any difficulty related to the weather, we are ready to take care of the situation immediately.”
Travel Tips During Extreme Cold Weather Conditions
Metro offers the following tips when traveling during extremely cold weather.

  • Be sure to dress warmly when traveling.
  • Plan your trip ahead of time before heading outside to wait for your bus. Plan your trip on Google Maps, check your Ride Guide or call Metro’s customer service center at (608) 266-4466 before you travel.
  • Track your bus using BusRadar-Madison, Mobile UW, or other available smart phone apps. Visit for a complete list.
  • Add Metro’s customer service center number (608) 266-4466 into your cell phone before leaving for your stop. If you've been standing at your stop for a long period of time, call to check on your bus.
  • Stay informed. Sign up for text and email alerts at Or visit for complete service information. Follow @mymetrobus on Twitter. 

For more information, contact Metro’s customer service center at (608) 266-4466 or


  • Mick Rusch, 608-266-4466

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