Starting Sunday, June 11, Metro is implementing its largest service change in more than 20 years. This complete revamp of service is geared towards addressing a number of long-standing customer concerns including:

  • rides on Metro’s current service take too long
  • routes are too confusing
  • Frequent transfers are necessary, sometimes with the need to ride in the opposite direction of your destination to get the right bus at a transfer point.

This new set of routes and schedules has also been designed to integrate with Metro’s new bus rapid transit system that will go into effect next year.

Planning New Trips
Plan new Metro trips by visiting or downloading Google Maps or the Transit app from your favorite app store.

Printed schedule information is now available on Metro buses or through the mail by contacting Metro’s customer service center at (608) 266-4466 or

Route Numbers to Letters
The majority of Metro’s new routes will be noted as letters rather than numbers A few routes will still be represented as numbers.

Bus Stops
New Locations - A number of new bus stops with lettered route information have already been installed. These new locations will open on Sunday, June 11.

Existing Stops – A majority of Metro stop locations will remain the same. Route numbers on these signs will be updated to letters in the coming weeks.

Four-digit bus ID numbers will remain the same. ID numbers can be used to plan trips this week as well as after the new service launch. ID numbers can also continue to be used when contacting Metro’s call center with specific bus stop questions.

Look for temporary laminated signs with new route letter information at stops until new permanent steel sign versions are installed.

Transfer Points
Metro’s north, east, and west transfer points will close on Sunday, June 11. The North Transfer Point park and ride will also close with the start of new service. A complete list of available park and rides are available at

Look for Ride Guides Out on the Street!
Metro Ride Guide staff are now visiting transfer points, stop locations and are out riding buses to answer questions and help plan trips. Look for Ride Guides in bright yellow vests. Ride Guides will be out on the street first thing on June 11 and the following week to help passengers get where they need to go on Metro’s newly designed routes.

Customer Service Center Extended Hours
Metro’s customer service phone center is open through Monday through Friday from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm. Starting on Saturday, June 10, representatives will be available starting at 5:30 am through 10:00 pm. These extended hours will be available through Saturday, June 24 or as phone traffic warrants.

Plan Your Trip with Metro Staff
Metro staff will be available at a number of upcoming community events to answer questions and help plan new trips. A complete list of events is available at:

For more information, contact Metro’s customer service center at (608) 2266-4466 or

Complete information is also available at


  • Metro Customer Service, 608-266-4466

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