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Metro Transit will be updating stops on Gorham street, Schroeder Rd., and other neighborhoods throughout its service area starting Sunday, August 24.
Gorham St.
Metro plans to remove three stops on Gorham St. at intersections of Livingston, Brearly, and Few streets. With this service change, stops will be located on every other block on Blount, Patterson, and Ingersoll streets.

Removing these stops are expected to make travel times faster and more reliable while improving missed connections at transfer points.

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Please Give Us Your Feedback
Though, the removal of these stops has gone through a long-term planning process, Metro Transit staff are aware that these relocations may cause concerns.  

Passengers are encouraged to give their feedback on this change. Staff will review all feedback and observe how this change affects buses moving through the area starting on Sunday.

Based on feedback and observations on these relocations, changes may be proposed. To provide feedback, call (608) 266-4466 or email

Feedback can also be provided using this online form.

Other Bus Stop Updates
Due to Sunday service changes, Metro has also updated stops in the following areas:

  • City of Middleton
  • Dempsey Rd.
  • Cottage Grove Rd.
  • Fish Hatchery Rd.
  • Lacy Rd.
  • Schroeder Rd.
  • Nesbit Rd.
  • McKee Rd.
  • Junction Rd.
  • Watts Rd.

Maps and Complete Information

For more information, contact Metro's service center at (608) 266-4466 or


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