Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Effective Monday, January 4, 2021, the Monroe Street Library (1705 Monroe St.) will reduce service to three days per week.

Prior to extensive library service limits due to COVID-19, the Monroe Street Library was open for 46 hours, five days per week.  Beginning January 2021, the library will be open 21 hours, three days per week.

While libraries are operating reduced services due to COVID-19, Monroe Street Library service hours will be:

Mondays 10am-1pm, 2-6pm
Tuesdays 10am-1pm, 2-6pm
Fridays 10am-1pm, 2-6pm

When libraries have returned to capacity or near-capacity, Monroe Street Library service hours will be:

Tuesdays 10am-1pm, 2-6pm
Fridays 10am-1pm, 2-6pm
Saturdays 9am-1pm, 2-5pm

“Madison Public Library was faced with the difficult decision of how to reduce hours at the Monroe Street Library with the least impact to our library patrons. The new set of operating hours is based on a variety of factors, including past use data, current curbside use data, available staffing, and a snapshot customer survey,” said Library Director Greg Mickells. “We will continue to monitor and collect patron feedback to make sure that even at our new hours we will continue to provide the same great customer service Monroe Street Library patrons have come to expect and deserve.”

"When the Madison Public Library board made the extremely difficult budget decisions for 2021, we urged Mayor Rhodes-Conway and the Madison Common Council to allow continued access to this valued neighborhood asset,"  said Library Board President Eve Galanter. "We are grateful for their positive response, and although service hours will be limited, the Monroe Street Library will remain open in 2021. The board has committed to revisiting the impact of the specific days and hours of service proposed and we look forward to continuing to provide our award winning services to area residents."

Due to a 2.1% reduction in the 2021 operating budget, Monroe Street hours changes are part of a series of hours reductions and shifts that will take place in 2021.  In addition to reducing service at the Monroe Street Library in January, when libraries return to full or near-full capacity, the Alicia Ashman Library will reduce service by 20 hours on weekdays, the Central Library Youth Services area will reduce service by 12 hours Monday-Thursday, and Sunday hours at Pinney and Sequoya Libraries will be replaced by Sunday hours at Goodman South Madison and Lakeview Libraries.

To use curbside pickup service:
Customers can borrow library materials through the curbside pickup service.  Customers can place holds online at or call the library at 608-315-5151 to ask staff to place holds.  When customers are notified that their holds are available for pickup, they can call their pickup library to schedule an appointment or schedule online.  For all details, visit

To use a library computer:
Customers can call the centralized library service line (608-315-5151) to schedule an appointment to use computers at one of eight libraries (no computer service at Monroe Street Library). Walk-up appointments are also available on a first-come first-served basis. For all details, visit

Other library services:
To inquire about or connect to all other library services, call the centralized telephone line (608-315-5151, 888-266-7805 toll free) 10 a.m.-7p.m. weekdays and 12-5 p.m. Saturdays.  For more details, visit
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