Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Two Agencies Target Busy Highway 51

It is a major state highway. It is very busy, and it is running thought the heart of Madison's eastside. That means it is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, and local businesses; an unfortunate combination that has adversely affected pedestrians, and local drivers for years.

The Madison Police Department (MPD) has long made Stoughton Road, or Highway 51, a traffic safety enforcement priority- due to the high traffic volume and the concerning number of crashes.

Case in point: The intersection of Stoughton Road and Buckeye Road was recently ranked #1 in the City of Madison for vehicle crashes.

In a new safety effort, the MPD is teaming up with the Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP) in a joint agency traffic enforcement and education program. WSP troopers, and MPD officers from the East District Community Policing Team (CPT), will be working together to curtail unsafe driving behaviors. It is hoped the combined effort will have positive, long-term results for those who use - and/or live near - this highway.

As of today's date, troopers and officers have issued 45 citations and over 100 warnings. This initiative included one Operating a Motor Vehicle While under the Influence (OMVWI) arrest, and two drug related arrests.

The Madison Police Dept and Wisconsin State Patrol have both pledged to continue to make Highway 51/Stoughton Road an area of high importance for traffic safety.


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