Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Median Safety Ordinance takes effect next week

The MPD will launch and educational campaign next week, aimed at gaining voluntary compliance from people, as the new Median Safety Ordinance goes into effect Monday.

The ordinance is aimed at keeping motorists and pedestrians safe, and it was born out of concern over people standing on medians of busy roadways. Officers will be distributing pamphlets – available in both English and Spanish – and talking with violators next week.

Leaflets contain a map showing the many roadways covered by the Median Safety Ordinance. Enforcement zones also cover the first 200 feet of all intersecting streets.
Under the ordinance, pedestrians cannot approach any vehicle – with the exception of those legally parked. They also are prohibited from standing in medians, unless waiting to cross a road, and in a crosswalk.

Drivers cannot park, stop or leave vehicles in targeted areas. They cannot suddenly decrease speeds, or change lanes in order to respond to a law breaking pedestrian.
First time offenders – either a pedestrian or a driver - can be fined $92.50 with repeat violators being cited as much as $439.

Again, it is the MPD’s hope people will voluntarily refrain from violating the ordinance. Officers will not start out by issuing citations. They will be providing information and warnings. However, if after being advised of the new law, people continue to break it, they will be ticketed.