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Pedestrian/Bicycle Safety & Education Enforcement Project

So far this year:

The City of Madison has experienced 7 fatality crashes involving a motor vehicle. This is 7 too many! None of the individuals killed were driving or were a passenger in a motor vehicle.

2 - were bicyclists
4 - were pedestrians
1 - was a motorcycle driver

So far this year:

In an effort to keep our streets safe and to reduce our fatality crashes to 0, The Madison Police Department has issued over 13,000 citations to motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Speeding is the most cited hazardous offense, followed by Fail to yield, then following too close.

Please keep yourself and your family safe and citation free by obeying all traffic laws and avoid driving while distracted.
The Madison Police Department will be increasing traffic education and enforcement efforts during the next few weeks as school starts and UW Madison students (approximately 40,000 students) arrive on campus.

In addition to speeding, impaired driving, and red signal violations, additional efforts will also include:

? Bicycle and pedestrian violations.

? Vehicles failing to yield to bicyclists and pedestrians.
Madison Police will be teaming up with The Wisconsin Bike Federation to provide outreach and education, tips to drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians to provide a safer transportation
For additional information:


  • Lt. Carl Strasburg, 261-9686