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New Recruits Begin Training This Week

The Madison Police Department (MPD) is welcoming a baker's dozen this week. A new 13-member recruit class began a nine-month journey by taking the oath of office at the State Capitol Monday morning.

Earning a position in the MPD Pre-Service Academy was not an easy fete: some 1,700 applied for these jobs. Those who made the cut are:

Michael Alvarez, age 33, Madison
Mr. Alvarez was employed as an English language and arts teacher before joining the class.

Hannah Bergman, age 24, Baldwin, WI
Ms. Bergman was a territorial manager for food sales and restaurant equipment before joining the class.

Richard Bruess, age 25, Madison
Mr. Bruess was an administrative assistant and an undergraduate researcher before joining the class.

Glenn Davis, age 27, Eagle, WI
Mr. Davis was a general laborer at a printing company before joining the class.

Reginald Davis, age 30, Madison, WI
Mr. Davis was an assistant manager at a sporting goods store before joining the class.

Christopher Dornan, age 34, Madison, WI
Mr. Dornan was a clinical specialist and crisis worker before joining the class.

Christine Hansen, age 39, Sun Prairie, WI
Ms. Hansen was a diabetes marketing and sales specialist before joining the class.

Gabriel Heck, age 33, Madison, WI
Mr. Heck was a member services coordinator for a local cooperative before joining the class.

Nathaniel Lujan, age 26, Monroe, WI
Mr. Lujan was a credit risk analyst before joining the class.

Jared Prado, age 21, Madison, WI
Mr. Prado was a Spanish and writing tutor before joining the class.

William Rentmeester, age 24, Madison, WI
Mr. Rentmeester was a personal trainer and a former football player before joining the class.

Kimberly Schuette, age 40, Sun Prairie, WI
Ms. Schuette was a title processor and closer before joining the class.

Roberta Stellick, age 32, Madison, WI
Ms. Stellick was a licensed professional counselor before joining the class.

All recruits possess college degrees: three have master's degrees. This will be the first recruit class to be trained at the MPD's new training facility on Femrite Drive.

The "baker's dozen" will experience a comprehensive regimen involving: relational skills, constitutional law, investigations, community policing, problem solving, professional communication, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, and vehicle contacts - to name a few.

After six-months, each recruit will be partnered with a veteran officer for three-months of street training before they graduate and go solo.


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