Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

35 Chosen From Field Of 1400

The Madison Police Department (MPD) is proud to announce that the 2013 Pre-Service Academy class will begin their comprehensive training on Monday, October 14th. For the very first time, the recruit-officers will take the oath-of-office at MPD's Training Center at 5702 Femrite Drive at 8:15am in the auditorium.
Over 1400 applicants competed for the thirty-five positions. The class "profile" reflects a group that has an average age of about 28 years old and the vast majority hold a bachelor's degree (six have graduate degrees). All have significant life, work, and community service experiences as evidenced by examining this list: (alphabetically ordered)

1. Sara Bailey was employed in home restoration.
2. Peter Bennett was a legal program coordinator.
3. Joshua Bower was a community service officer.
4. Samuel Brier was a supervisor for a college athletic facility.
5. James Brownridge, Jr., was a family resource specialist.
6. Joseph Buccellato was a public safety officer.
7. Doroteo Cano was a loss prevention officer.
8. Kevin Costin was an associate in customer service.
9. Thomas Coyne was a security officer.
10. Thomas Dahms was a baker.
11. Bryan Dyer was a hockey referee.
12. Jordan Ebner was a fitness instructor.
13. Ryan Gonwa was a grocer.
14. Ryan Jennissen was a regional sales representative.
15. Kraig Kalka was a high school tech-ed teacher.
16. Zachary Kimbrew was a health educator.
17. Luke Lengfeld was a job coach.
18. Timothy Liston was a loss prevention officer.
19. Michael Love was a vice-president of a marketing firm.
20. Timothy Lupo was a research assistant.
21. Micaela Magsamen was a legal assistant.
22. Christopher Marzullo was an assistant director of environmental services.
23. Aaron McCarty was a reporting engineer.
24. Kevin Michigan was a military recruiter.
25. Elisabeth Misener was a community living assistant.
26. Andrew Muir was a development caller.
27. Corey Nelson was a practicing attorney.
28. Eric Pray was a retail store manager.
29. Marcus Robbins was a bank teller.
30. Gregory Sosoka was a student housing director.
31. Jason Tatum was an organizer for a teacher's labor union.
32. Tray Turner was a contact team officer for the U.S Marine Corps.
33. Stephanie Wade was a shipper.
34. Lars Wild was a truck driver.
35. Mitchell Witt was a college resident advisor supervisor.

Recruit officers will be trained in a host of topic areas including criminal law and procedure, investigations, relational skills, community policing and problem solving strategies, professional communications, ethics, crisis intervention, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, vehicle contacts and report writing. These subject areas are but a small sampling of courses that will be covered in great depth over the course of five months.
Following the Pre-Service Academy, each recruit will be paired with veteran officers for four months of practical application street training before being assigned "solo" to one of MPD's various districts and shifts.


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