Mars Patterson will host workshops and open studio hours in the Bubbler Room at Central Library through July 2023

MADISON, WI -- The Bubbler at Madison Public Library is welcoming a new Artist-in-Residence at Central Library. Martina Patterson–known as Mars–is an artist, Master Naturalist, herbalist, environmental educator, and land steward. Mars will be in residence in the Bubbler Room at Central Library through July 2023 and will host a variety of events, including open studio hours and workshops.

The theme of Mars’ residency is EcoRest Art & Reflection. Through the interdisciplinary art of fiber and eco-mixed media, she explores, highlights, and reflects the phenology of Nature and the human experience with the intent to grow, inspire, and educate.

“Mars has such a calming and welcoming presence that allows for participants to feel comfortable enough to think more deeply about their identity as related to their surroundings - past, present, and future,” said Bubbler Program Assistant Carlee Latimer. “The large-scale visuals they’re creating with the community are altering the energy of our Bubbler Room space at Central Library in real time.”

Mars will explore the intersectionality of art, plants, soil, and community using reflective and reconnecting processes over the next few months. The Madison community is invited to explore ideas and stories through nature by capturing images and using polaroids that they feel are a reflection of themselves or a representation of their life story. You can participate by dropping in to an Open Studio Session or signing up to attend a workshop.

Open Studio Sessions:
During Open Studio Sessions, all ages can drop in to add to a collaborative Weaving Wall, which uses plastics, yarn and other found objects to form a community tapestry. Alternatively, visitors can Record Stories or add to the Community Sketchbook with written, oral or drawn responses to provided prompts and document the Open Studio process through snapshot photography. Through these collaborative art processes, we’ll weave together perspectives, processes and experiences to create a blanket of memories to see and hear. Participate on the following dates:

  • Friday, June 2, 3-6PM (citywide Artists’ Night)
  • Saturday, June 3, 11AM-1PM (citywide Artists’ Night)
  • Friday, June 30, 1-3PM
  • Saturday, July 8, 1-3PM

Drop-in; no registration required.

Record your Story
Saturday, May 27, 1-3PM | Bubbler Room at Central Library
Participants are encouraged to audio record their story/conversation in response to the prompts provided. Audio recordings will be used as part of a larger community art exhibition. Prompts deal with travel, nature and the concept of home. 15 participants max; registration required. All ages welcome, youth must be accompanied by an adult.
Healing Hikes and Photo Reflection Harvest

In this workshop Mars will facilitate healing hikes and mindfulness community walks through (urban) Nature. Participants are encouraged to harvest images that inspire reflection around self and environment throughout. Participants will work in teams of 2 or more. Each team will be given a polaroid camera and each person will be loaned a sketchbook made by previous participants. Images will be collected to contribute to a larger community art project. 15 participants max; registration required. All ages welcome, youth must be accompanied by an adult.

This unique residency is made possible with funding through the Evjue Foundation and Madison Public Library Foundation.
This residency is an extension of the Our Town Everywhere project, in which our artist-in-residence is encouraged to explore the idea of community portrait through a variety of mediums.

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