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Parking Enforcement Unit News

The Madison Police Department welcomes a new partner to their Parking Enforcement Team, the autoChalk System, which is state of the art technology for enforcement of time restricted parking such as 2-hour zones. Previously, enforcement in these areas was a labor-intensive process, which included manually chalking each individual tire.

The Common Council approved funding in 2009 for the purchase of two "vehicle borne photo enforcement systems" for the purpose of making time restricted parking enforcement more efficient. Subsequently two autoChalk systems were purchased from Tannery Creek Systems in Ontario, Canada. The installation and training was recently completed and the Parking Unit is now using both the digital chalking system for enforcement.

The autoChalk systems scan parked cars, including a photo, while traveling at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. These systems capture an image for each car by scanning and then recording each image with a date and time stamp. This allows for precise parking time measurements for each scanned vehicle. The Parking Enforcement Unit will be able to increase operational efficiencies in time restricted areas, regardless of existing weather conditions (including rain and snow), while reducing citizen concerns related to accuracy. The autoChalk system is a "virtual chalking device" and does not physically mark tires. Issues related to a manual chalking system are no longer a concern. This innovative system includes rugged lasers, cameras, precision GPS locating devices and a Panasonic Toughbook computer. The autoChalk system alerts Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO) of a detected violation, which must then be verified by the PEO thru the data displayed. A citation is then issued.

"Our goal is to increase compliance in an effort to provide adequate parking within these areas. With the improved efficiency of this system, it will allow for broader coverage of time-restricted zones."
Stefanie Niesen
Parking Enforcement Supervisor

AutoChalk has been in use in Fredericksburg, VA and Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2007. Both cities have seen more effective enforcement in time restricted parking areas, which has resulted in a significant increase in compliance.



  • Stefanie Niesen, 266-4623