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State Capitol Ceremony Is Tuesday

The Madison Police Department's 51st Pre-Service Academy commences at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, May 26th, when 24 new recruits will be sworn in at the State Capitol's Assembly Chambers.

Consistent with previous classes, this year's group is highly diverse in terms of life, work, and educational experience(s). Nearly half of the class is comprised of women and people of color, and they range in age from 21 to 39. They have arrived at the MPD from a host of professions: youth pastor, school bus driver, art teacher, military intelligence analyst, restaurant manager, insurance analyst - to name a few.

After recruits take the oath of office Tuesday they will be begin a nine-month educational journey. The first six will focus on a host of topical areas including unified tactics (which is comprised of professional communication, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operation and vehicle contacts).

Beyond the pale of these "traditional" areas, the MPD prides itself on an exceedingly comprehensive regimen of relational skills, constitutional law, investigations, community policing, and problem solving.

The final three-months of the Pre-Service Academy will pair each recruit with a veteran officer/partner who would help them make the transition from "lessons learned" in the classroom to the realities of calls on the streets.

Media is invited to cover the Tuesday ceremony.


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