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Ceremony Slated For State Capitol Monday

The Madison Police Department (MPD) is proud to announce that a new recruit class will take the oath-of-office on Monday, June 4th, at 8:30 a.m. in the Assembly Chambers of the State Capitol.

Over 1500 applicants competed for eighteen recruit officer positions. The individuals who rose to the top of the selection process are as follows:

Megan Bondehagen
Bondehagen was employed in administrative support for MPD.

Kenneth Brown
Brown was employed as a probation and parole agent.

Andrew Bruce
Bruce was employed as a shelter worker and case manager.

Justin Creech
Creech was employed as a guest services manager at a major hotel.

Michael Davenport
Davenport was employed in customer services.

Ricardo Franco
Franco was employed as a case manager.

Margaret Ho
Ho was employed as a Department of Justice.

Livia Humerickhouse
Humerickhouse was employed in sales.

Adam Kneubuhler
Kneubuhler was employed as a production technician.

Amelia Levett
Levett was employed as a domestic violence advocate.

Michael Mawhinney
Mawhinney was employed as a police officer.

Jessica McLay
McLay was employed as a bilingual probation and parole agent.

Andrew Naylor
Naylor was employed as a teacher.

Patrick Nottingham
Nottingham was employed as a police officer.

Elliott Paletz
Paletz was employed as an assistant professor and college lecturer.

Kristin Parks
Parks was employed in sales.

Justin Ramos
Ramos was employed as a teacher.

Theresa Taylor
Taylor was employed as a police officer.

The class "biographical" profile reflects a group that has an average age of about 28 years-old, possess a Bachelor's degree (three have a Master's and one has a PhD.). All have significant life, work, and community service experiences. Over fifty-five percent of the group are women and people of color.

Recruit officers will be trained in a host of topic areas including criminal law and procedure, investigations, relational skills, community policing and problem solving strategies, professional communications, ethics, crisis intervention, defense and arrest tactics, firearms, emergency vehicle operations, vehicle contacts and report writing . These subject areas are but a small sampling of courses that will be covered in great depth over the course of five months.

Following the pre-service Academy, each recruit will be paired with veteran officers for four months of practical application street training before being assigned "solo" to one of MPD's various districts and shifts.


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