Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

MPD makes adjustments as new state law is signed

With Governor Walker’s signing of Assembly Bill 409, the Madison Police Department has made necessary adjustments to its Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) For Officer Involved Critical Incidents to stay compliant with the new state law.
The primary element to this law pertains to who will lead investigations. In the past, this has been a task assigned to a MPD detective. With the passage of AB 409, at least two investigators – one of whom will be the lead - will come from outside agencies.
Having outside agency assistance and support is not a new concept for the MPD, as members of other law enforcement agencies have been involved in, and have observed prior MPD investigations into officer involved critical incidents.
Much of what is contained within AB 409 is already SOP for the MPD as the department made significant changes last November following many months of helpful input from the community.
Maintaining and building trust is tremendously important to the men and women of the MPD, and it is hoped the adjustments made to our SOP will help instill confidence in future investigations.


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