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Madison Police Department Releases Its Response

The Madison Police Department has released its official response to the OIR Group’s review of MPD policy & procedure. The OIR Group spent more than a year researching various aspects of the department’s operations; MPD personnel were completely open and transparent throughout the process. We feel that the OIR report largely validates our view that MPD is a professional and progressive agency, reflecting cutting-edge practices in many areas. This view is best demonstrated by language from the OIR report itself:

We begin by stating that MPD is far from “a Department in crisis,” in spite of the controversy and turmoil that ultimately led to our project. Instead, as detailed below, we found much to admire and commend. There are areas in which MPD is unusually progressive, effective and “ahead of the curve” when it comes to training and the evolution of best practices. Many of the Department’s policies and organizational structures are solid and often innovative, and their efforts to connect with all aspects of the public they serve are conscientious and often laudable.

The department’s response addresses each of the 146 recommendations included in the OIR report, and – as you will read – we find much to agree with. Many of the recommendations call on MPD to simply continue or expand upon current practices, and others reflect suggestions that we support (though some will require additional funding or staffing). A few of the recommendations are best viewed as aspirational, and there are some where we feel OIR misses the mark. The department will move forward with implementing some recommendations, and will explore/research others.
OIR was faced with a challenging task, and we appreciate the thought and consideration they put into the project. We view the report and recommendations not as a roadmap to “fix” a troubled department, but as a resource to help move an outstanding agency to an even higher level.
The full MPD response is available here: