The City of Madison Engineering Division will share about specific projects and progress since the August 2018 flood on a new blog series on the Engineering Division website named ‘Since 2018.’

In the last days of August, the Engineering Division will focus on specific changes or projects the City of Madison Engineering Division stormwater section has produced since the 2018 floods that devastated the City’s west and southwest side. The flood caused an estimated $30M in public and private damage. Since then, the City of Madison has strengthened its commitment to stormwater, even increasing the budget toward projects and resources into ways to improve the stormwater system.
For the community, the 2018 flood may seem like it was a while ago, but for those impacted and still impacted, the work hasn’t stopped, including for the Engineering Division.

“Our team has been working nonstop looking at ways to improve the stormwater system behind the scenes since 2018. It may seem quiet since design and research happens behind the scenes, but our team has been out in the field, talking with community members, designing and, in some cases like we’ll show in the blog series, positive construction and progress,” Engineering Division Public Information Officer Hannah Mohelnitzky said. “We’re proud to show some of the outward-facing projects that really have helped our community.”

Since 2018, the City launched a number of projects to fix immediate flooding issues, but also an in-depth look at how water flows and how it can be improved for our entire area as a whole, the Watershed Studies. In addition to the Watershed Studies, “Since 2018” will focus on the following projects with before and after photos in addition to a write-up directly from project managers designing and leading the construction process:

Blogs will begin to post on the Engineering Division's website starting Aug. 25, 2022.