Deadline Extended to December 25, 2022

Due to extreme weather conditions expected to continue through Saturday, the City is extending its deadline for public sidewalk clearing. Residents and property owners will now have until noon Sunday, December 25th to clear snow accumulation.

“We don’t want anyone risk getting hurt trying to avoid a fine when we’re dealing with frigid temperatures and a dangerous wind chill. The safety of our residents has been, and always will be a number one priority,” said Matt Tucker, Building Inspection Division Director.

The City public sidewalks which the City is responsible for snow/ice clearing have been initially cleared.  Staff will be going through a second time, due to blowing snow. Unlike most homeowners, City crews utilize equipment that protects them from the elements, allowing for clearing in harsh weather.   

We ask that when residents do clear the snow from their sidewalk and there is ice that cannot be removed, keep the sidewalk effectively sprinkled with sand or another suitable substance to prevent the ice from being dangerous. If possible, please help your neighbors that may be unable to remove the snow/ice.

Free sand is available at several locations around Madison. Learn more about snow rules and regulations. Visit the snow removal frequently asked questions.