Friday, September 4, 2015 - 1:59pm

September 10 at 11:00am

A ribbon cutting ceremony will celebrate the official opening of the Skatepark at Central Park. Join Mayor Soglin, Parks Superintendent Eric Knepp, Willy Street Coop, the Madison Skatepark Fund and other key representatives on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 11:00 am.
The Skatepark, located in Central Park at 202 S. Ingersoll St. is approximately 20,000 square feet and offers street skating obstacles and two bowls. The deepest bowl is designed to represent the empty swimming pools used by Southern California skaterboarders in the 70s. The second bowl ranges in depths of 4-7 feet and is considered a “flow” bowl for easier skater in and out transitions.
“The generous contribution to this project from the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation continues Irwin and Bob’s legacy and Madison Parks is proud to officially name the skatepark in their honor,” said Eric Knepp, Parks Superintendent. The Irwin A. and Robert D. Skatepark is made possible by the generous donations and contributions of the Goodman Foundation, Dane County PARC, Marquette Neighborhood Association, Willy Street Coop, Eliot and Sarah Butler of the Great Dane Pub, Madison Community Foundation, Madison Parks Foundation, Madison Skatepark Fund, and numerous other contributors.
Mayor Soglin said, “The skatepark is a wonderful addition to Central Park and many years in the making. I am especially grateful to the grassroots leadership of the Madison Skatepark Fund who did not let this dream die, and of course to the Goodman Foundation for its generous donation.”
Central Park is 5.8 acres and includes a great lawn, staging and seating areas, lighted pathways and a restroom facility.