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Chief Koval goes all in to get this year’s message out

With winter chill in the air and the approaching holiday shopping season “Santa” - also known as Chief Mike Koval - has several tips for your safety.

Here are “Santa’s” Top Ten Holiday Safety Tips (“Santa” also discussed his tips at a recent news conference. Some of what he had to say can be seen in the attached video!):
1. Lisa wants to know how keep her cash and wallet safe when she is out in public?
Thank you Lisa, that’s a great question. Lisa, remember to always be aware of your surroundings. Remember not to expose your cash or credit cards before or past the point of purchase.
And don’t set your wallet down without keeping a hand on it. Many people are forgetting their wallets at the register.
2. This question comes from Eric.  He wonders how to stay safe after purchasing a phone and tablet?
 Electronic items like phones and tablets can be expensive. I suggest that after the purchase Eric should put the item in an unmarked bag that does not advertise his purchase.
3. Bill likes to get up early and get all of his shopping done in one day.  Any safety tips for him?
Bill should get plenty of sleep and remember to hydrate the day before this shopping event.  Bill should make sure that his purchases should be out of sight when stored in his vehicle.  Cover the items with a blanket or stop by home and drop off the items.
4.  Jen wonders if there are any tips for someone who is very busy.
 We all tend to get very busy this time of year but remember not to become distracted while shopping or driving.  Take one task at a time.  If you look busy or distracted you may miss important safety clues around you.  Remember not to text and drive.
5. This question comes from facebook.  Jeff’s question relates to shopping at night.  He wonders is there is anything he should think about when he is out at night.
 When out at night always park in well lit areas and keep your phone in your pocket or somewhere that if your purse or wallet is stolen you can still call for help.
6. Pat would like to know some safety tips for around the house if he is gone on vacation.
 When leaving for several days put a stop on mail and newspaper delivery. 
Use several timers that can be placed at different locations in your home. Make arrangements for snow removal. Always lock windows and doors. 
7. Dale tweeted that he is getting himself a large TV this year.  Any tips for ordering gifts to be delivered to your house.
 As we know from last year there were several thefts of gifts from porches and front steps.  A good idea is to track your item and tell a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye out for the item.
8. Facebook Franks feels it important to post his daily activities and wonders if there is anything special he should not post during this time of year?
 Frank, as much as I would love to read about your holiday trip remember that thieves are using social media to determine if and when you will be gone.
9. Grace called asking about phone scams.  She wants to know if her grandson is arrested in another state should she buy a prepaid card to bail him out.
No. Grace we see all types of phones scams. The grandson scam and the IRS scams are just a few that are still out there.  No law enforcement or government agency would ask you for payment in this manner.
10. Santa what would be your last Safety Tip this time of year?
Remember that safety is a community partnership. We all play an important role.  Whether we are checking on neighbors or reporting suspicious activity.  Safety involves all of us.