The City of Madison sewer, which serves Hoyt Park and homes along the 3900 block of Regent Street, is operational again after a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) happened 6 a.m., Sept. 9, 2023, out of a City sanitary sewer access cover (manhole).

The City of Madison Engineering Division responded immediately and minimal sanitary sewer waste spilled into the area. The sanitary sewer manhole overflowed onto the pavement and into the ditch just north of Regent Street in the Park. The wastewater was contained in the ditch.

Crews arrived to the site at 7 a.m., Sept. 9, 2023, after a local resident noticed the overflow and reported the incident. An Engineering Division vactor crew vacuumed water from manhole and the SSO was stopped by 7:15 a.m. All visible wastewater was  contained and the area was left cleaned.  The cause of the overflow was because of high volumes of water and plumbing issues from the Hoyt Park Restroom Facility. After water supply was turned off to the restroom facility, the problem was corrected.      
It is part of Wisconsin State Law to report sewer blockages and overflows.

This notice is provided in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Administrative Code and the City of Madison’s Capacity, Maintenance, Operations & Management (CMOM) Program.