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Take the Transit Choices Survey

Tell us what you think about Metro Transit service. What would you like to see? What should be improved? What destinations should Metro be serving better? Metro Transit staff are working on a complete network redesign to create a new system of bus routes that better serves the needs of Madison area residents and businesses.

The network redesign process will reconfigure all of Madison’s bus routes to make them run faster, more frequently, and overall make them easier to use. Before the onset of Covid-19, Metro’s service was mainly oriented towards peak hour routes without limited service during middays, evenings and weekends. The redesign will better allocate service so that it benefits more residents during more parts of the day and week. The redesign will also incorporate bus routes into the future Bus Rapid Transit System that is expected to be implemented in 2024.

Please fill out the Transit Choices Survey to help us better understand your goals and priorities for the future redesigned transit network.

For additional information on the Metro Transit Network Redesign project, including how you can stay updated, visit Questions and comments can also be emailed to


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