Brine Daly? Kung Plow Chicken? Slush-a-Bye, Baby? Maybe your idea!

The first phase of the contest to name snow removal vehicles from the Streets and Engineering Divisions ends next week.

You have until Friday, January 13 at 4:00pm to submit your names so they can be considered for the final election.

So far, over 550 unique names have been submitted. They have been amazing. We've had name suggestions ranging from The Sopranos (Plowie Walnuts), to pop music (Justin Timberflake), to local legends (Aldo Leocold) to the just plain silly (Plowsand Island).  There's also been plenty from The Simpsons television show. And, yes, Plowy McPlowface has been received.  Keep the names coming!

The Names We’re Looking For
The more pun-filled and playful the nickname, the better.

Pop culture, local character, and other references are encouraged, as are fun wholly original takes.

Other cities and states have also undertaken snowplow naming contests, and they have come up with some fantastic choices. Their lists are good places to find inspiration to create your own unique idea.

Ultimately, we’re hoping for names that highlight Madison’s creative and quirky spirit, and make for a competitive election later this month.

How to Submit Names
Naming suggestions can emailed directly to There is no form to complete – just send an email with your suggestions.

Residents can submit one name, or several.

Your suggestions can be for all, or some, of the equipment eligible to be named. If your name is for a specific piece of equipment, please identify that vehicle in your email.

Photos and Vehicle Descriptions
Photos and descriptions of the four vehicles available for naming can be found on the Streets Division’s “Name These Plows” website.

The four vehicles are a double-wing plow truck, a front-end loader suited for snowplowing, a quad-axle brine tanker truck, and municipal tractor for plowing bike paths.

More Winter Information
Additional information about the winter services provided by the City of Madison, please go to