The Streets and Engineering Division are happy to announce the winners of the snowplow equipment naming election.

The turnout was fantastic!  We received well over 3,000 votes for each of the four pieces of equipment.  We’d like to thank Wisconsin Salt Wise for hosting this election for us.  And thank you one and all for participating in this election, from submitting names to voting.    

You can click here to see the full election results along with an animation that shows you how the ranked choice election distributed the votes based on voter preferences during each elimination round.  Also, attached to this press release is a PDF of the full vote tally with a static round-by-round breakdown of the totals.

Quad Axle Brine Truck
The winning name with 1,630 votes is Saltimus Prime!

Thank you Nikki Veldkamp, Jasmine Clement, and David Cortez for suggesting the Saltimus name.

While Saltimus is more than meets the eye, there’s no disguising the positive effect the saltwater brine treatment can have when it rolls out to treat the roads prior to snowstorms.

MT7 Trackless Bike Path Plow
The winning name with 1,910 votes is Snowbi Wan Kenobi!

Thank you Katherine Higgins, Paul Addison, Leah Krawczyk, and the Streets Division operator Dallas Huebner for suggesting Snowbi Wan Kenobi.

From a certain point of view, Snowbi Wan is an elegant plow vehicle for our bicycling age. May the Force be with Snowbi Wan, always.

Loader with Plow and Wing
The winning name with 1,460 votes is Seymour Pavement!

Thank you Robert Gage for suggesting this name.

Seymour sounds more like a name for a dentist than a plow truck, which made this was a close race to the end. But voters kept feeding ballots to him and then, suddenly, Seymour won! 

Dual Wing Plow Truck
The winning name with 1,435 votes is Dolly Plowton!

Thank you Gina Witt for suggesting this name.

Dolly is the best little plow truck in Madison, working much longer hours than just 9 to 5. It is known for creating the wintry favorites “I Will Always Plow You (In)” and “Snowlene” during the same overnight shift.

Additional Information
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