Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 2:30pm

The application for the new MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant program is open until mid-August 2019.

The application opened June 24, and all completed applications are due by 5 p.m., Aug. 19, 2019. Winning grantees will be announced on or before Sept. 16, 2019.

MadiSUN is the City of Madison’s initiative to expand solar energy for homes and businesses. The City is working to build access to clean energy for all members of the community. The Backyard Solar Grant program is one of three solar programs MadiSUN offers. In addition to the Backyard Solar Grant program, MadiSUN offers Group Buy for Homes and Solar for Business.

The Backyard Solar Grant program fosters access to solar power for Madison community organizations and affordable housing providers that serve City of Madison residents. The initiative was put in place to provide economic and environmental benefits of clean energy to local residents and neighborhood organizations.

The grant competition is intended to serve diverse, low-income residents and neighborhoods. Applications will be evaluated based on need, diversity of communities served and organizational reach. Organizations receiving grants must agree to participate in a ribbon cutting or education session about solar.

Grants may fund up to 20 percent of the cost of the solar array with a maximum of $10,000 per award. A total of $40,000 will be available for this program as a whole. Anyone applying will need a solar site assessment to include with the application. Solar installers can help with solar site assessments for properties, which consists of an assessor visiting a property to determine if solar is possible.  Find a local solar installer here.

Backyard Solar Grant for nonprofits application
Backyard Solar Grant for affordable housing providers application

Background on MadiSUN

RENEW Wisconsin, a local nonprofit organization works to grow renewable energy statewide and runs the program on behalf of the City.

In 2007, the City of Madison was named one of 25 Solar America Cities. Since receiving this designation, the City of Madison’s Solar program, MadiSUN, has helped hundreds of businesses and thousands of residents learn more about solar energy, understand their solar production potential and assist with the solar purchasing process. Since 2016, the City has expanded the number of solar installations on its own buildings while supporting residents to make similar investments.