Friday, March 27, 2020 - 9:13am

Another sign of spring could be the sounds of mowing grass in the community, but City of Madison residents will not be hearing City lawn mowers as often on City-maintained greenways and pond areas starting mid-April this year.

The Engineering Division is moving to a more sustainable approach to maintaining its 1,200 acres of greenways and ponds in the City of Madison.

A greenway is a strip of undeveloped, grassy land near an urban area that helps channel stormwater to area lakes and ponds. These areas can also be used for recreation or environmental protection.
The new approach will have numerous benefits to both the environment and community.

In past years, ponds and greenways on Engineering’s mow schedule were mowed once or twice a year.  This year, crews will mow once a year, or every three years, depending on the greenway or pond area’s needs.

Engineering scaled back its mowing approach because of continuous wet seasons, making it hard for crews to get equipment through soggy conditions, and the lack of benefit to the areas for pollinators with the past mowing approach.

This new approach will help support pollinators, reduce taxpayer cost for reduced labor and equipment, reduce drain clogs of grass clippings, reduce carbon footprint with less machinery needed to mow and reduce nutrient runoff into local bodies of water.

By reducing mowing, Engineering crews will be able to focus more on addressing invasive species.

Overall, this change most likely will not be noticeable to residents who live by these areas; however, it is important for the Engineering Division to be transparent in its efforts to support the environment and pollinator community.

VIew maps more specific to your district on the Engineering Division's website.