Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Request for Proposal Released

The City is requesting proposals for a Southside Grocery Store Study to be used to catalogue current food assets of the Southside, gauge if a market demand exists for a new grocery store within the Southside and what type of grocery store could be successful there.
As South Madison Alderperson John Strasser explains, "The current trend in big box grocery store development is leading to food deserts in urban areas. Without access to a choice for a variety of fresh and nutritional food many people are filling the food desert gap by choosing expensive prepared prepackaged food products from convenience stores. This leads to long term health issues and is a roadblock to financial success. We would like to explore a new model of delivering a variety of healthy nutritional food products in these neighborhoods to provide healthier and financially more sound choices for our residents by promoting quality neighborhood markets where needed."

Deadline for RFP submissions is Thursday, October 9th.