Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Capt. Carl Gloede and Sgt. Mike Koval honored to be finalists

Capt. Carl Gloede and Sgt. Mike Koval are grateful and honored to have been selected as finalists as Police and Fire Commission members look to select Madison’s next police chief.  

Both candidates are committed and united in their desire to move the MPD forward through trust-based, community-oriented policing. There is no animosity between them, only mutual respect, and they will continue to support each other, no matter who is tapped to lead the department.
Capt. Gloede and Sgt. Koval both wanted to thank the other very qualified candidates for their participation in this important process.
At this juncture, neither believes it to be the right time to conduct interviews with media, or members of the public, as the PFC needs to finish its work.
When a final decision is made, the new chief will be happy to share his vision for the future of the MPD.