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a storefront window installation by Tyanna Buie

During the month of November, people walking, bussing, or biking along the 300 block of State St will experience This is only a Façade, a new BLINK! supported, temporary public art project by Tyanna Buie.  Buie’s work combines screenprint, painting, and collage creating a large-scale installation that deals with her personal history as well as broader social and political issues. This is only a Façade, is sponsored by BLINK!, the Madison Arts Commission’s temporary public art program, in partnership with Urban Land Interests, and will run from November 8th to November 30, 2014.

The storefront at 341 State Street, just east of West Gorham Street, is activated with shadowy images of playground equipment presented by artist Tyanna Buie. Though the content is serious, This is only a Façade, displays the softly beautiful, evocative imagery characteristic of this artist’s style.

Barb Schrank, Chair of the Madison Arts Commission, says “We are very grateful to ULI for hosting a Blink! project in this prominent State Street location between their rental cycles there. We know this was a considerable amount of effort for them and we appreciate their willingness to partner with us in enhancing civic space. We encourage other property owners to look at what ULI is doing as model of public/private placemaking and to consider availing their storefronts for temporary art installations as well.”

As holiday shoppers emerge and saturate the sidewalks, they will be drawn in by decorated window dressings created solely for marketing purposes. Buie’s art will mimic the exchange, but in return, will offer a moment of recollection and nostalgia prompting a necessary societal dialog.

“Storefront art installations, such as Tyanna Buies’s Blink project, activate space and demonstrate how art can serve as a catalyst to attract business and help create an environment that fosters investment and renewal. I also believe Tyanna’s beautiful imagery will spark important conversations that are critical to the spirit of democracy,” says Karin Wolf, Madison Arts Program Administrator.

Tyanna Buie secured funding for this Blink project while she was an MFA student at UW-Madison, living in downtown Madison. She is now an adjunct lecturer at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and a professional artist who is growing in acclaim. Her work has been exhibited at The Haggerty Museum of Art, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and is currently being featured at The Museum of Wisconsin Art. The Haggerty Museum of Art, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art The Haggerty Museum of Art, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Wisconsin Art.
The installation took place on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 onsite at 341 State Street. The work will remain up through November 30.
The next BLINK! application deadline is Feb 1, 2015.

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