Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Wait times have been very long this week. Here's how to help.

The Streets Division drop-off sites are open, and they have been experiencing very long lines this week.

Residents have experienced wait times of an hour or more before entering the unloading area of the sites.

Here are some tips on using the drop-off sites that may help reduce the time in line.

Arrive Early
The final vehicle is allowed into the drop-off sites 10 minutes before the posted closing time. All others waiting in line will be directed to use the site on another day.

Drop-off site users must be unloaded and exited from the facility by the closing times.

By arriving later in the afternoon, residents may miss their opportunity to use the site, especially if the line is long.

Use Curbside Collections
Many items that can be dropped off will be collected from the curb and do not need to be delivered to a drop-off site.

Curbside brush collection is ongoing and will continue until the fall.

Recycling crews will collect properly prepared bundles of excess cardboard from the curb. Just be sure to follow the guidelines.

Excess trash and large items are also picked up from the curb on the scheduled collection days.

Use the Site Only for What Needs to be Dropped Off
By limiting trips to the drop-off site to only what is necessary be dropped off, residents will help reduce the amount of traffic through the sites and shorten the wait times.
The drop-off only material includes:

Only Have Yard Waste or Food Scraps? Try South Point
The drop-off site at 402 South Point Rd only accepts yard waste and food scraps.

Since less material can be dropped off there, it sees less traffic than the Badger Rd. or Sycamore Ave. locations. While it may be a longer drive, the wait times have been much shorter and may result in a shorter overall trip.

Consider Composting at Home
Many trips to the drop-off sites are residents bringing in yard waste they have raked or pulled from their gardens and lawns.

In many cases, this material can be composted in backyard bins or containers.

Be Ready & Be Organized
Here are other ways residents can help reduce the wait times at the drop-off sites.

  • Have identification ready to prove residency within the City of Madison. Only City of Madison residents can use the drop-off sites.
  • Have the appropriate recycling fee sticker already purchased and stuck onto the items that require one.
  • Have the material being hauled for disposal organized to help speed up unloading times. City staff cannot help with unloading vehicles.
  • Only bring what can be dropped off at the Streets Division drop-off sites. A chart of what each drop-off site accepts can be found on the Streets Division’s website.

Thank You for Your Patience
The Streets Division greatly appreciates the patience residents are showing while waiting in these long lines at the drop-off sites. We will continue to work to move vehicles through the sites efficiently as we can while maintaining social distance.

Additional Information
More information about the drop-off sites and other Streets Division services can be found at or by contacting the Streets Division office that services your home.