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Burglary Crimes Unit hits the streets of Madison

The Madison Police Burglary Crimes Unit took to the streets Wednesday to educate vehicle owners in areas of the city that have had repeated vehicle break-ins or thefts. Members of BCU issued bright blue vehicle report cards that evaluated the vehicles on how well the owner had stowed valuables such as backpacks, purses, jewelry and electronics.
Det. Sgt. Mary Copeland said the initiative took place in the afternoon hours in the hope that vehicle owners would have a few hours to notice the bright blue fliers and act on the feedback provided to further secure their property.
“We had very positive feedback,” she said. “We spoke with several people walking their dogs that really appreciated us being out there.”
Det. Sgt. Copeland said BCU will continue to reach out to residents of Madison to stave off what the police department considers very preventable crime.
“Many of these thefts and break ins happen when simple steps such as locking the vehicle’s doors have not been taken,” she said.
Det. Sgt. Copeland said there were several vehicles that received failing grades, pointing out the room for improvement.
“We really want to reach out to the residents who live in some of the older residential neighborhoods that tend to be very dark and quiet during overnight hours,” she said. “The other group we targeted was the newer apartment buildings that have gone up east of the Capitol square. They have underground parking that people are managing to get into to commit these crimes.”
Thieves on the west side of Madison are currently targeting vehicles with garage door openers in order to gain access to entire homes through the garage, according to Copeland.
Please remind visitors and friends to lock their vehicles and stow valuables while parking in the city.

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