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Amber & Neveah's Lives To Be Celebrated This Weekend

A spokeswoman has issued a statement for the Weigel family regarding the discovery of Tyrone Adair's body yesterday.

Adair was the suspect in the slayings of Amber Weigel, age 25, and Neveah Weigel-Adair, age 2. Both were found in the garage of their Madison home last Thursday night.

The following was sent to the Madison Police Department for distribution to media from spokeswoman Michaela Purdue:

"Below you will find a statement from the Weigel family in response to authorities finding Tyrone Adair's body yesterday. Unfortunately, no member of the family feels comfortable or prepared to offer interviews at this time. Given the great amount of emotional strain and last minute planning and decision-making involved with losing loved ones, I'm sure you can imagine their collective state of being.

Please accept these words in lieu of interviews. I'm very certain that when a member of the family is prepared to meet with the media they will be in touch".

Michaela Purdue

Weigel Family Statement - RE: Finding Tyrone Adair
The Weigel family is grateful that the search for Tyrone Adair is over and now families can begin to gain a sense of closure. However, we are deeply saddened by all of the loss that everyone is experiencing.
Our love and support goes out to Tracy Judd's family and the Adair family. In particular, we want to thank the Adair family for their cooperation with authorities in their efforts to find Tyrone. Amber always said she could not have asked for a better family for Neveah to have been born into.
At a time like this, where the act of evil can cause us to question or possibly cause a bump in our faith, we are instead remembering the importance of never taking life or love for granted. We also believe in the importance of seeking out personal healing, because oftentimes things like this happen because people can't deal with their struggles in life.
Even though we will never truly know or understand why any of this has happened, our family has chosen to celebrate Amber and Neveah's lives, which we will be doing this weekend at Olbrich's Botanical Gardens.



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