Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

MPD Officers Are Ready To Spread The Warmth

Madison Police officers are looking forward to spreading the warmth again this winter as the MPD kicks off its fourth annual "We've Gotcha Covered" campaign; thanks to continued generous support from Lands' End and Door Creek Church, 6602 Dominion Dr.

Officers are now armed with 200 blankets, and 120 sets of hats and mittens. They will keep them in squad car trunks, and distribute them through random acts of kindness: one blanket, one set up hat and mittens, at a time. When officers encounter people in need, be it a homeless person, or a family in a home where there is not much heat, they will offer to share some warmth.

A MPD detective relates a story from a past "We've Gotcha' Covered" campaign:

"I was sent to a child abuse complaint involving two sisters who reside with a total of nine children all under the age of 13. While I was investigating, I found they had no bedding for the two floor mattresses that the kids were all sleeping on in the one bedroom apartment. I brought them six blankets … the next day … I found they had made up the dirty, stained mattresses with the blankets, and they were proud to show off their nice clean made-up beds to me!

MPD officers will also be delivering some blankets, hats, and mittens to not-for-profit agencies that work with targeted populations - ensuring the items get into the hands of those most in need this holiday season.

Chief Noble Wray says the annual campaign fits well with departmental philosophy: "We are committed to community-oriented and problem-solving policing. ‘We've Gotcha' Covered' embraces both, as we look to non-traditional law enforcement methods in working with the community and other agencies to address real needs."

Chief Wray commends Lands' End for the donated blankets, and the congregation at Door Creek for the hats and mittens.


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