City Makes Adjustments to Paths and “Shared Streets” to More Safely Accommodate Pedestrians and Bikers

Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The City of Madison is launching several new initiatives to assist community members in having safe, healthy spaces for walking and biking during the COVID-19 Safer at Home order.

Some initial locations designated as “shared streets” have already been signed by City workers. These street closures will widen the distance for pedestrians and bikers to safely travel with enough social distancing. People with destinations along these shared streets such as residents, delivery providers, emergency service personnel and City services will continue to have vehicle access.

Initial Shared Streets include:

  • Clyde Gallagher Ave
  • East Mifflin St
  • South Shore and West Shore Blvds
  • Trailsway and Monterey Dr

Additional street changes will continue over the next week including:

  • Closure of Vilas Park Dr. to motor vehicle traffic between the zoo parking lot on the east end and the tennis court parking lot on the west end.
  • Conversion of one lane on Atwood Ave between Oakridge St. and Walter St to create a safe two-way bicycle facility.

There are also planned improvements for the Capital City Path to make it easier for all users to have adequate space for social distancing. The Capital City Path, Madison’s busiest path, facilitates a critical link through the Isthmus and has not seen a decrease in use during the Stay at Home order.
Details for path improvements:

  • The Capitol City path will remain open to users during the updates -- a monitor will be present to direct traffic.
  • Work will include widening the paths shoulder between Machinery Row & Monona Terrace
  • Work will include widening the paths shoulder between North Shore Dr & Broom St.
  • Work will begin Monday, April 20 at 7am and will last for 2-3 days.

These initiatives intend to expand space and make social distancing easier for residents walking and biking. They are not intended for people to congregate and socialize.

When using popular paths, such as the Capital City Path, please walk, run or ride at less popular times. Please remember that these paths are needed for people traveling to essential jobs and services. You could also try new and different routes by using the Low Stress Bicycle Route Finder.

As always, it is safest to remain home, but if you do venture into public, it is recommended to wear a cloth face cover as an additional tool to prevent people who do not display symptoms from spreading the virus.

The City of Madison appreciates all the continuing efforts made by the community during this unprecedented time. Please keep our community healthy and safe by following Public Health Madison & Dane County recommendations and guidance.