Construction Underway on New Warner Park Beach Shelter

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 6:31am

While fall is officially here, progress toward next summer is underway at Warner Park. Crews began construction on the Warner Park beach shelter Facility at the beginning of September. The Warner Park beach shelter is the first shelter to provide space within the shelter building itself for the equipment needed to run a "Clean Beach Treatment System."  This is part of a program to provide clean swimming environments for the Madison community.

The City of Madison Engineering Division is leading the design and construction of the beach shelter, which is located at 1101 Woodward Dr. The “Clean Beach Treatment System” is the equipment that will be inside the shelter. Dane County will design and install the “Clean Beach Treatment System.” 

Warner Park beach is the second site in the City to house the “Clean Beach Treatment System.”   These systems are part of an effort to make area lakes safer for swimming. The Clean Beach Treatment System is a barrier to set aside a pool of clean treated water within the lake by using mechanical barriers and filters to clean the water without using chemicals such as chlorine. These systems can treat thousands of gallons of water a day, and the water will be pumped and treated to keep algae blooms and e-coli out of the areas designated for safe swimming.

The Warner Park beach shelter is expected to be complete by the end of April 2021. In addition to the pump room for the Clean Beach System, the shelter will include two ADA restrooms, outdoor shower towers, provisioning for future roof solar panels and 745 square feet of covered shelter area.

Warner Park beach shelter is the fifth shelter for Madison Parks using the prototype design developed in 2015. The first beach shelter in the City and County with this system is located at Bernie’s Beach.


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